Simultaneous ODBC connections to the same source

Simultaneous ODBC connections to the same source

Post by Behzad Sadeg » Mon, 25 Mar 1996 04:00:00


>Hello. I'm having a bit of trouble with ODBC SQL drivers. It appears
>that only one simultaneous ODBC session is allowed per data source. So
>says the ODBC driver anyway.

We were experiencing the same problem. In our case, it turned out that the
problem was that the database we were connecting to had been accidentally put
into the Single User mode. Once we reverted it back to multiple use, ODBC
had no problem establishing multiple connections.

1. Visual Basic 4.0 ODBC Source Connections Question

Sybase System ODBC:
        Is it necessary to establish 2 ODBC data sources to simultaneously
access 2 databases on the same SQL server using connection strings?  I
currently have to use the following.

Set dbProd = OpenDatabase("", False, False,
Set dbBud = OpenDatabase("", False, True,

Note: I have to use ODBC data sources FSADSS and FSADSS2 to avoid
getting an
ODBC error (3146).  I think I was able to accomplish getting to the 2
concurrently with just one datasource in VB3.


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