Change to "binary sort order" prevent SQL login, Help!

Change to "binary sort order" prevent SQL login, Help!

Post by Peter Chapuisa » Tue, 02 Dec 1997 04:00:00

An application software requires that we change to the "Binary sort order."

We have a NT 4 "Dell Poweredge 2100 " server with disk duplexing; on the
same server we installed SQL Server 6.5 with "Dictionary order,
case-insensitive" sort order.and service pack 3.

Everything worked O.K.

When we used the setup program to change the sort order to "Binary order" by
using the "Rebuild Master Database" option; it goes through the whole
process of reindexing tables and rewriting master database files and what

No error message is reported.

We shutdown and restarted the NT server on which the SQL server is installed
and entered the SQL Enterprise Manager and try to click on the traffic
lights to expand to the database devices and databases, we get the following
message "Cannot connect to the server "name of NT server" Login failed.

We have created a "SQL Executive User account" called SQLEXEC with
Administrator rights.

If we rerun the setup program and change the sort order to default
"Dictionary order, case-insensitive" by using the "Rebuild Master Database"
option; we can see the extended tree of SQL (databases & devices etc.) in
the SQL Enterprise Manager, and it works again.

Please, we need help  to effectively install a Binary sort order !!!

Peter Chapuisat
Boucledor S.A.
Geneva, Switzerland


Change to "binary sort order" prevent SQL login, Help!

Post by Tibor Karasz » Wed, 03 Dec 1997 04:00:00


Perhaps you, in Enterprise Manager, registered to login to SQL Server with
SA (uppercase) instaed of sa (lowercase)?
LoginId and password get it's case sensitivity from the chosen code page.
Try ISQL/w to test.

Cornerstone Sweden AB


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