Fast 16-Bit ODBC Driver to SQL Server 6.0

Fast 16-Bit ODBC Driver to SQL Server 6.0

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we are writing a 16-Bit windows application using MFC 2.5 working with
MS SQL Server 6.0. So far we used the 16-Bit ODBC driver that comes
with SQL Server 6.0, but we are not very pleased with the performance.
Running the same applicatin under Win95 with the 32-Bit driver is
extremly fast!
Do you know of any vendor who sells a 16-Bit ODBC driver to MS SQL
Server 6.0, which is faster than the original one.

because I will be gone for a month.

Thank you very much!

Tom Moor


1. ODBC driver installation conflicts (between 16 bit and 32 bit drivers) on NT

: Hi there,
: we've installed the Oracle ODBC driver two weeks ago (the one which
: came with the Oracle Workgroupserver 90 day trial edition). After we
: deinstalled this we have trouble installing Microsofts new ODBC
: drivers. I guess the trouble lies in the conflict that there are two

NT supports both the 16bit ODBC subsystem, which uses the usual config
files (ODBC.INI and ODBCINST.INI), and the 32bit subsystem, which
uses the registry.

To get rid of 16bit files, examine the .INI files and delete all
.DLLs specified by the various settings for the appropriate drivers,
then remove the driver entries from both ODBC.INI and ODBCINST.INI.

To get rid of 32bit files you'll need to use REGEDT32 and find the
appropriate ODBC entries. Remove the .DLL files specified by
the ODBC entries, then remove the registry entries. The usual
caveats re: mucking with the registry apply.

Oracle's workgroup drivers are 16bit, if I remember correctly, so
they should be installed using the appropriate version of ORAINST. Any
32bit drivers are best installed either using the 32bit version of
ODBCADM or through the control panel ODBC applet - if the driver
diskettes include an ODBC.INF file. If they don't, you'll just have
to trust that the installation program uses the 32bit routines...


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