cannot register server with named pipe and mulitprotocol

cannot register server with named pipe and mulitprotocol

Post by Claudia M » Wed, 26 Aug 1998 04:00:00

We have three sql 6.5 servers, A and B are in the same domain, C is in
another domain.

On A, we can register B and C using tcp/ip, named pipe and multiprotocol; On
C, it can register B using all three protocols, but it cannot register A by
using named pipe and multiprotocol. On B, it can register A with all three
protocols but cannot register C with either named pipe and mulitprotocol.The
error message is :"Unable to connect to server ( Reson: [DB-Library] Unabel
to connect: SQL server is unavailable or does not exit)"

If I use multiprotocol, by executing odbcping -s server -u user -p passwd,
from C to A, I get the error message:

"SQLState: 08001 Native Error 11
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL SERVER DRIVER][DBMSRPCN] general network error, check
your network documentation.
SQL State: 01000 Native Error 1703
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL SERVER DRIVER][DBMSRPCN] ConnectionOpen (RPCopen())"

But from A to C, it can connect.

I checked the MS support online, I cannot find messages about the above

I also found the sql odbc version of the three machines are different:

A: 03.60.0309,
B: 02.65.0252;
C: 03.50.0305;

I used the same software CD to install the sql server, I don't know why I
can three different versions on the machine.

I am not sure if the different versions of ODBC may cause the problem. But
if it does, why B
can connect to A where B's version is lower than A, because they are in the
same domain?

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.



cannot register server with named pipe and mulitprotocol

Post by Mikael Wedha » Thu, 27 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Try to get a connection with MAKEPIPE and READPIPE.

The ODBC version should not affect this. Propably this occurrs because you
have other applications installed on the servers.



cannot register server with named pipe and mulitprotocol

Post by Tibor Karasz » Thu, 27 Aug 1998 04:00:00


I'd guess that this is an NT account problem. NP and MP needs access to the
IPC$ share on the server. You can test if this is the case by opening the
guest account on the server and see if the other "machines"/accounts can

Tibor Karaszi
Cornerstone Sweden AB


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