Creating a Fact Located in a Dimension Table

Creating a Fact Located in a Dimension Table

Post by Dennis Redfiel » Thu, 01 Mar 2001 21:44:48

You have a column which is both afact AND a dimension?  Could you share with
us what this strange beast might be?.....

Quote:> TIA for any and all help.

> I have a dimension that has a numeric column that I want to have be both
> attirbute of the dimension and a fact.

> Is there a way using MDX to create a calculated member that sums a field
> from a table that is a dimension? Are there other ways of doing this?


1. How to create private dimension on fact table?

In Analysis Services (vs. OLAP Services), selecting the fact table for
creating a (private-to-the-cube) dimension results in an aliased
instance of the fact table getting added to the schema (this is
presumably to get around the limitation in OLAP Services that only 1
instance of any table can appear in the schema). This extra instance
cannot be removed without removing the private dimension. Is there any
way to do this?


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