Replikation problem

Replikation problem

Post by Jonas Risbrand » Fri, 15 Mar 2002 23:07:50


When I try to create a new transactional publication I get the folowing
error when the wizard is adding articles to the publication:

'Error 50007: xp_execresultset: unable to get a bound connection back to

The publisher is configured to be its own distrubutor and there is no
The SQL-Agent log says: 2002-03-14 09:46:43 - + [180] Job
CAAA006N-gneiendom-1 was deleted while it was executing: the outcome was

Im running SQL Sever 2k on Win 2k Server.

Any help much appriciated!


Jonas Risbrandt

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Hi All!
Perhaps it is a stupid question, but I dont understand
the situation:
I installed a merge replikation with 6 subscribers.
Further I used the microsoft resolver "by priority" for
some tables. 5 of these subscribers are replicating fine,
only one is stopping with the error-message:
(I dont know the exact message in english because were
using the german one:(
"Info is wrong or missing about the MAXIMUM Resolver"
I checked all tables and there is no one that should
resolved by that MAXIMUM resolver:(((((
What can it be? Is it possible and allowed to initialize
this subscriber once more, without data loss (that would
be the hell)

Thanks for help,

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