Problems Using Bit types in a vinculated table

Problems Using Bit types in a vinculated table

Post by Will » Thu, 10 Jan 2002 20:15:04

I'm using sql server vinculated tables into Access2000 and XP and I'm having
problems when my table have more than 2 or 3 bit cols. When i open then
table or a query into access I couldn't modify any but from msquery or from
sql manager it works ok? what can I do ? I supose that is ACCESS problem not
ODBC o SQL problem. I installed SQL2000- SP2 , JET3- SP3 and MDAC 2.7.

1. Vinculate Tables in Access 2000 using ADOX


How do convert this code to adox ? how do use append table method?

 Sub Vincula_tabela(filename)
    ' Vinculate table to access database using dao

    Set database  = CurrentDb
    Set tabela = banco_dados.CreateTableDef(filename)

    tabela.Connect = _
        "ODBC;DSN=Tabelas do Visual

    tabela.SourceTableName =filename

    banco_dados.TableDefs.Append tabela

End Sub


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