Return values/output parameters from an anonymous block of t-sql

Return values/output parameters from an anonymous block of t-sql

Post by Ole Strandenge » Fri, 15 Nov 2002 21:51:15

Is it possible to have return/output variables from an anonymous block of
T-sql using ODBC.

I am able to execute a block of sql statements from ODBC. To check the
result of the
block, I need to have three counters (integers) returned in addition to an
error variable in case of failure.

I have tried to bind variables like we do for a stored procedure, but with
little success.

Program is written in C using ODBC.


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Hi all,
I have a situation where I (from my client-application) want to
 - insert a row into a table with a sequence generated PK
 - retrieve that PK back to my application for further use

I want this to happen in one roundtrip to the db server.
I know I should use a proc to do this, but that is not an option.

I have tried with
"DECLARE a number(5); BEGIN INSERT INTO table (...) values (seq.nextval...);
SELECT seq.currval INTO a FROM dual; END;"

"INSERT INTO table ..... RETURNING..."

but don't know how to return the bind variables to the application.

Anyone who could shed some light on this?


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