Shutting down a clustered server

Shutting down a clustered server

Post by Anna Li » Fri, 12 Jul 2002 01:42:06


I have the following situation:

Two sql 2000 servers have been set up in a active-passive
clustering environment. Now one of the server is badly
needed for other purposes. The person in charge wants to
just shut down the standby server and rebuild it for the
badly needed purposes knowing that fault tolerance is no
longer available.

Are there any issues with that? Do they have to do
anything at all to keep the server running? They
understand that it's no longer a clustering environment.

Thanks, Anna


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I have been given the task of getting an Oracle database started after the
UNIX server was shutdown without shutting down Oracle first. I have no DBA
experience with Oracle at all, and come from an MS background so all this is
new to me.

Anyway, the documentation suggests that I do the following:

    sqlplus /nolog
    connect username/password as sysdba
    STARTUP database_name

However, I always get an error when using the connect command to connect as
sysdba. The error is ORA-01031L insufficient privileges. I have used the sys
username and password that I have been given and still get this error. In
fact I get the same error even if I put in a junk username/password that
does not exist.

I know this could suggest that the sys password may be incorrect, however I
am told that it is correct, and since it does not tell me that the password
is incorrect, it may be that I need to choose some other kind of username
rather than sys for example.

Please can anyone help me get going on this?

I am basically trying to get Oracle up and running as it was before the
server was shutdown, so any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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