Can't Delete DTS package

Can't Delete DTS package

Post by Rodney Spauldin » Fri, 16 Feb 2001 14:50:25


I have a DTS package stored in the Repository that I can't delete.  I can
edit it, I can even run it, but I can't delete it - I have administrator
rights (both NT and SA).  We have installed SP3 hoping that it would help -
no avail.

I have tried to drop the package using the command line interface and the
Enterprise Management tool - no avail.

If I try to delete the package, the SQL server just consumes 100% of CPU
cycles and I have to kill the process.

How can I absolutely delete this package???



1. Can't delete DTS Package

I have a DTS package that I cannot delete from the Repository (SQL Server
7.0 Standard).  When I try to delete it in Enterprise Manager, after about
30 seconds, EM closes down completely.

Does anyone know another way to delete a Repository package?

(This package had been screwy before this happened, the labels on the icons
were all incorrect.)

I hope someone has an answer.
Thanks, Holly

Holly Kilpatrick
Database Administrator
Information Services
Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc.
908-859-2151, ext. 9253

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