FoodMart 2000 Sample Budget Cube Store 1998 USA Drill Down Problem

FoodMart 2000 Sample Budget Cube Store 1998 USA Drill Down Problem

Post by Leon Chi » Mon, 18 Sep 2000 04:00:00

I was testing the FoodMart 2000 Sample Budget Cube supplied by Microsoft.
When I drilled down on the 1998 USA store budget, I get all positive numbers
on the quarters data, but the yearly data shows negative number? The 1997
data showed correct numbers.

Does anybody  else have the same result?


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First Time using Analysis Services: I am working through
the samples in Reed Jacobson's OLAP Train 'Step by Step'
book and getting the following error.  Note: I get the
same errors when attempting to drill down into any of the
FoodMart samples that came with the install.  Am I
missing something with the installation?  

[-] 'O' All State
       --- (Unable to retrieve children: Member with the
UniqueName [State].[All State] not found.)

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