Help: ODBC with Netware

Help: ODBC with Netware

Post by James S Ka » Sat, 29 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I couldn't find the exact group this problem applies to but, I'd like to ask
for your advice anyway.

I'm trying to make this app work which uses asps/IIS on NT to hit a database
using ODBC. The problem is that the data source is not local - it's on a
remote netware drive, so ODBC couldn't seem to get to it.

I know what the standard solution is - Gateway Services for Netware needs to
be installed, but that would create other problems, and the network people
won't allow it.

A friend of mine suggested a kludge in which a MS access database that
contains only links to the real tables on the remote drive is placed
locally, and the System DSN is pointed to this link-only copy of the

Unfortunately this seems to only get one step farther - instead of saying
that the data source is non-existant, it says that a "trappable, external
error has occurred."

I'm guessing this means that the links could be used but ODBC has problems
getting to the actual tables on the netware drive.

Anyone have any ideas how I could solve this/get around this?

Thanks in advance,


1. Help - Delphi 16, Watcom SQL (NetWare) and ODBC


I have been assigned a project and given a set of tools to complete it
with.  The compiler is Borland Delphi 16 and the SQL engine is Watcom
SQL for NetWare.  

I have patched Watcom to the 4.0E level, so I believe that I am
current there.  I'm using the Delphi 16 that is on my Delphi Developer
2.0 cd, so I believe that I am ok there too.

The app has to use ODBC calls to access the data, which will be stored
in a table on a NetWare server.

These stipulations are non-negotiable.  

My problem is that I don't know where to start.  I'm up-to-speed with
database apps and the BDE.  However, ODBC is all new to me.

Does anyone have either a simple working example or know of a good
reference for ODBC?  The Watcom manuals do not seem to go into much
detail.  It may be possible for me to get Watcom SQL upgraded to SQL
anywhere, but is this necessary and would it make things

I'm most interested in how to open the table, accessing and posting

Any comments, suggestions or whatever would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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