Failed Repository Migration

Failed Repository Migration

Post by Glen Davis, Jr » Wed, 21 May 2003 03:10:43

Is there a way to reset AS to revert back to using MS Repository after a
failed migration to SQL format?



Failed Repository Migration

Post by Bas Kersten [MS » Thu, 29 May 2003 21:18:55

Hi Glen,

I assume that you are on sp3 of AS, if so go to the AS manager,
select your OLAP server and r. click, choise "edit repository
string". Change this to the old format let's sayt that you used  the
default access repository than you need to change it to something as:

Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\Program
Files\Microsoft Analysis Services\Bin\msmdrep.mdb




1. Failed to connect after repository migration


I am running SQL2k and Analysis Server SP2. After
migrating analysis service repository from Access database
to a SQL2k database on the same server using the wizard, I
can no longer connect from a remote laptop Analysis
manager running the same version of software. I am an
existing member of the OLAP adminsitrator group on the
server. The error is a simple "Path not found" message.

The migration step created two tables olapobject and
server in the SQL2k database created I guess to hold the
repository. It says migration was successful after
finishing all of the repository migration wizard steps.
The format chosen is the Analysis service native format as
recommended by the wizard. On the same server machine, I
can connect from its Analysis manager but not from a
remote machine.

The migration also seemed to have changed the registry
settings under
y connection string" or "remote repository connection
string". They used to point to the Access database
msmdrep.mdb, now it points to the SQL2K Server data source
in a very long string. I also executed "grant all to
public" on the repository database as recommended but it
did not help.

Do I have to do anything else to make the remote
connection to work again? Any information will be
appreciated. What path is wrong? I got the same error
using DSO.connect("serverstring") interface from VB.

John Leung

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