how to set up stored procedure debugger

how to set up stored procedure debugger

Post by Anith Se » Tue, 21 May 2002 23:26:50

1. Use SQL Profiler/Trace. This helps you localize the bottlenecks
    and identify poorly running queries
2. Check Execution Plans. Enables you to fine tune the queries and
    statements within your stored procedure and refine your logic
3. Cut-and-paste the SP code into the Query Analyzer and do the
    test/debug there.
4. Insert PRINT statements in the SP to check if the intermediate
    queries/statements are working OK
5. Browse the web and buy some 3rd Party tool for SP Debugging

- Anith

Quote:> Hi can some one tell me how to debug the stored procedure
> I am using sql 2000 client version. to debug the stored procedure i have
> to have the server version or client version is ok. actually i am enable
> to change start up service account in server property thanks...

> Thanks
> --saurabh

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1. Passing a result set from one stored procedure to another stored procedure

Hi all

Is there any way that I can pass a result set from one
stored procedure to another stored procedure.

When I explored I found that  a procedure can be created
with a cursor output parameter.
But I need it to be a procedure accepting ie INPUT with
Cursor. Guess there is no way fo this.

Is there any workaroun to achieve this.

Thanks in advance


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