SQL 6.5 max. mem. config ??

SQL 6.5 max. mem. config ??

Post by Ajay[M » Sat, 04 May 2002 05:58:41

The max amount of memory that SQLServer 6.5 can use is 2GB. See "Setting
the Memory Option" topic in Books online.


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>What's the maximum memory SQL 6.5 can be configured for.

>I have 4GIG in my server on Adv. server 2000.  What
>number should I configure the memory in the server
>configuration for ??


1. SQL server mem config advice please

Hi Everyone,

I have a SQL server here with sql2k ent. on win2k
adv.srvr. running about 24GB of databases (the largest is
15GB) and have around 50 - 70 user connections. The server
has 3GB of ram and currently I have PAE and AWE enabled so
the server can use between 1024MB and 2432MB of ram. This
server is pretty much a dedicated sql server (except it
runs the Intranet and Arcserve at night)
What I would like to know, is it best left running PAE and
AWE, or should I take out /PAE from boot.ini and use /3GB

Any advice or personal experience is much appreciated.

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