Transferring objects from Sybase (UNIX) to SQL Server 6.5

Transferring objects from Sybase (UNIX) to SQL Server 6.5

Post by Dodgy Geeze » Fri, 09 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Can anyone tell me how to transfer objects from a Sybase Server 11 database
on a UNIX platform to SQL Server 6.5 ?

I've tried using the 'transfer objects' option under SQL Server and have
clicked on the 'Foreign Source' button and filled in the relevent properties
but SQL Server refuses to connect to Sybase.

I have set up an ODBC connection to Sybase which works fine using TCP/IP and
I can ping the UNIX machine too.

Are there any prerequisites ? What else do I need to configure ?

Thanks in advance


1. Transferring Objects from Sybase to SQL Server 6.5

I was able to locate information on "Transferring Objects" in the SQL
Server Books online (or Ent. Manager Help).  It mentions that you must
first run the file SYBSYS.SQL file before objects can be transferred
from Sybase System 10.

Great, I got the 6.5 CD and looked for the SYBSYS.SQL file and wasn't
able to find it, however I did locate the SYBSYS10.SQL file.  I then
proceeded to run it.  The stored procedure drops several SPs and then
attempts to rebuild them.  However, the create statements resulted in
several errors including invalid column names and error near , (comma).

I did some looking at the scripts and can fix the error near comma
(incorrect syntax for the RAISERROR statement).  However the invalid
column names are ones that I do not feel that I should be messing with
because they reference system tables.  I looked at the same file on the
MSDN Developers Kit that we have and the same problem popped up.

Does anyone happen to know if this file is really *Required*?  Does
anyone happen to know where I can get a working copy of the SYBSYS10.SQL

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin Chamberlain

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