ASP Fully Threaded Message Board

ASP Fully Threaded Message Board

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You can try my new ASP Message Board Magic on  I have other ASP scripted apps with
source code there as well - included my very popular completely ASP
scripted online e-commerce solution - CartEasy.

ASP Message Board Magic is a sophisticated Community Building Message
Board Application written completely in ASP. No Components. You get the
full source code so you can customize as you see fit. The source is e-
mailed to you within 2 hours of your order. Some of the features

Unlimited Number of Postings
ASP Magic Message boards are not limited in the number of postings they
can contain. They can easily scale to hundreds of thousands of message

Full Message Threading
Most of the well known message boards are only linear, meaning that
they do not allow Replies to Replies. With ASP Message Board Magic you
can easily and visually create a Reply to a Reply rather than a Reply
to a Main Topic. This can happen at many levels so Original Threads can
spawn into interesting discussion between knowledgeable people. This
fosters much better communication and questions being answeGreen in a
more efficient manner.

Preview Messages Before Posting
Before a message is actually posted to the message board you have the
opportunity to Edit it. This elimates many unneccessary corrections to
postings after they are posted.

Profiles = Advanced Features
By taking a minute and creating an optional Profile you can be alerted
when a Reply has been posted to one of your questions. Creating a
Profile also allows safe communications between two consenting parties.
For example, if you have been passing messages to another person in the
public Message boards you and the other party can request each others e-
mail address from the administrator without anyone else getting this

Automated E-Mails
You can be automatically e-mailed when a reply is posted to a message.
Within seconds of a Reply being posted to one of your messages you will
be notified by e-mail.

Full Message Search Capabilities
You can easily search on and words in any message and have a results
page presented to you in your browser.
Administrator Features

Installs in minutes.

Full documentation.

Easy to configure new message boards.

Completely customizable

Fully Threaded

Utilizes Microsoft Access or SQL Server for back end processing.

Utilizes Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).

Feature allows for automatic e-mail notification if a reply is made to
a message.

No Components or DLL's to install on the web server.

You get the full ASP Source Code.


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