Appending Unique Rows

Appending Unique Rows

Post by J. Josh » Wed, 28 Jan 2004 00:05:56

Hello all,

I have a data set that needs to be appended to a temp
table. This data-set has unique rows appearing twice. How
do I add append this data-set in the temp table as
appearing just once.

Here's what the data looks like:

1    AIR         2
3    AIR3        2
7    AIR0        2

Thanks in advance.



Appending Unique Rows

Post by Anith Se » Wed, 28 Jan 2004 00:11:58


INSERT #tmp (keycol,....)
SELECT keycol, ...
  FROM sourcetbl
                     FROM #tmp
                    WHERE keycol = sourcetbl.keycol);



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if a table t contains values:

name     v
a       10
b       20
b       14
d        3
e        1
a       12

what I want is: select name, v where name is unique, as

name    v
a       10   -- v for a could also be 12
b       20   -- v for b could also be 14
d       3
e       1

Can idea?

John Wu

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