Field Description is NOT used as Label for Field on Form

Field Description is NOT used as Label for Field on Form

Post by <fa.. » Thu, 03 Apr 2003 23:35:21

I had the impression that if friendly descriptions are defined for fields in
tables, then access automatically uses them as  Labels for the fields on the
form (when fields are dragged and dropped on a form in design view).

I have an odd situation where I have updated my table to contain friendly
discriptions for the fields and yet when I select and place some fields on
the form, the field name is used (instead of discription).

Can anyone shed some light as to why this may be happening
1) do I need to turn on this feature ?
2) Does this feature NOT work in adps ?

I can use any suggestions



1. My textarea form field will not update my stored proc text field

I Have a stored proc called savenotes which allows the user to update a note
field with new
1. I read the PROBLEM field from my table COMP_TASKS table (the field
datatype is TEXT)
2. I display the field on a form in html and allow the user to edit this
form field called NOTES
3. On submit I call the ASP code listed below which executes the stored proc
SAVENOTES which is also listed below,

I want put in the PROBLEM field.
4. I am not generating any errors but the data is not being saved


============================== ASP code calling stored proc SAVENOTES
Dim CmdSP,RetVal,Rs,PrtDate,con
Dim adCmdSPStoredProc,adParamReturnValue
Dim adParaminput,adParamOutput,adVarChar
adCmdSPStoredProc = 4
adParamReturnValue = 4
adParaminput = 1
adParamOutput = 2
adVarChar = 200
adInteger = 3
set CmdSP = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
CmdSP.ActiveConnection = Application("MyConnection")
CmdSP.CommandText = "SaveNotes"
CmdSP.CommandType = adCmdspStoredProc
cmdsp.Parameters.Append cmdsp.CreateParameter("return", adInteger,


============================== Stored Procedure SAVENOTES

update comp_tasks

============================== SQL TABLE COMP_TASKS

If Exists (Select * From sysobjects Where name = N'comp_tasks' And
user_name(uid) = N'dbo')
 Drop Table dbo.comp_tasks

Create Table dbo.comp_tasks
 WO_NUM numeric(18, 0) Not Null Identity (1000000, 1),
 PROBLEM text Null,
 SOLUTION text Null,
Alter Table dbo.comp_tasks Add Constraint
 PK_comp_tasks Primary Key Nonclustered

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