SQL Server and IIS4

SQL Server and IIS4

Post by Jonathan Tan » Sun, 29 Mar 1998 04:00:00

With all the hot fixes for NT server 4.0, what is the proper sequence for
loading up a NT Server 4.0 with SQL server and IIS4?


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Hi All,

Recently we upgraded from IIS3 to IIS4 and since doing this we have had
problems with query results from an ODBC compliant database held on the
The database is accessible to intranet clients and we use IDC and HTX files
to build the dynamic web pages.  Since the IIS upgrade results of queries
have been corrupt.  We know this because we have a copy of the SQL statement
(IDC file) shown at the top of every HTML page which shows the request being
made.  Below is an example of a corrupt SQL statement.

FROM Client
WHERE client.salute like '%'
AND (client.first like '%'
AND client.last like '%'
AND client.company like 'moss'
AND client.city like ' ')

It appears to be adding squares instead of wildcard characters and sometime
it even adds in characters from previous queries made to the database.  This
then brings back inaccurate results.  I was wondering if anybody else had
experienced this problem and if so how they fixed it.   Any help would be

Thanks, Sarah

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