Bad performance - HELP!!!

Bad performance - HELP!!!

Post by Mariann » Thu, 29 Aug 2002 16:00:24


We have an on-going problem with a production sql server
(v 7.0 sp4).  It is the back-end database for a web site
and has connections from a middle-tier application server
(this connects using ADO).  All runs fine and then
periodically it starts to run very slowly.  There are
inserts into a transaction table which records session
information which start to run slowly, but also selects
from completely different tables run slowly too.  I have
looked at all the suggested performance counters which are
and cannot see problems.  This usual;ly happens when there
are approx 150 threads in use (but not always).  Any ideas?




Bad performance - HELP!!!

Post by Anith Se » Thu, 29 Aug 2002 16:21:00

How did you identify the database is the culprit? Do you
have slow running queries? If this is a problem with a
particular table, try playing with its indexes and see.
Also have you tried the Index Tuning Wizard? It is hard to
provide generalized suggestions without identifying what
is causing the bottleneck. You may start out with using the
profiler, identify the badly performing Queries and try to
tune them. You may also try a DBCC INDEXDEFRAG in the 'victim'
table if there are bulks inserts which can throw around the
statistical distributions. Also check out for some hints.

- Anith


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