CMD EXEC task - process Exit code

CMD EXEC task - process Exit code

Post by HSali » Sun, 01 Jul 2001 01:14:23

Good Morning All:
I am using a CMD file to run robocopy

Robocopy has 16 different error levels - depending on how the files were
Depending on the errorlevel, I'd like to send an email
How do I set the return code of an Execute Process task to mirror the
errorlevel reported by robocopy.
Alternatively, I am thinking of using a vbscript/WSH task - any ideas ?



1. setting Process exit codes in CMD file

I tried your suggestion for setting the doserror leve but it doesn't seem
to work.  I run this batch and it always returns 0. I assumed that it
should send back the 1. Does anything look wrong to you?

   rem (execute a program which returns an errorlevel of 0 or 1)
isql -Usa -P -Q" EXIT(select 1) "  /oc:\newtest.out
   if errorlevel 0 goto ZERO
   if errorlevel 1 goto ONE
   goto END
     echo a Zero was returned!
     goto END
     echo a One was returned!

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