Archiving Database?

Archiving Database?

Post by Martin Iever » Sat, 12 Jan 2002 06:47:55

I am trying to archive a database on a schedule. Say yearly. I would like to
move the data files into a storage location but may want to go back and look
at them.
Is the best method to use the Analysis services?
Or should I just make a back up of the DB and then clear the tables?

Thanks for any help,


Archiving Database?

Post by Bill Toleman[M » Sun, 13 Jan 2002 01:40:38

Hard question since it depends on your needs, your idea of backup would
work however you would need to reload the database to view it. Anouther
method would be to have an archive server that stays running and do inserts
to it based on a date stamp and then deletes from the main also based on
the date stamp. That way you could always view the archived data without
doing anything.

Bill Toleman [MS SQL Support]

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1. Archiving databases/database servers?

Reply-to: comp.databases,poster

Are there any client/server databses that can do archiving as well as
backups?  By archiving I mean that I may write data to a removable media,
such as MO or Optical, remove them, but the database "knows" of these data
I can recall them.  Suggestions, references and names of products would be
all very much welcomed.


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