problem with excel - problems obtaining data

problem with excel - problems obtaining data

Post by juny » Tue, 11 Mar 2003 11:24:19

my user is currently facing some problem in ms excel.

previously she had saved a excel sheet with some data. but recently i
had done some modifications to the source data. eg. changing the name
of the dimension.

to see the changes, my user opens the preciously saved excel and click
"refresh" but it prompts "An unexpected internal error occured"
followed by "Problems obtaining data".

when she tried to remove the dimension, it also prompt the above

i think this error occurs whenever the excel does a refresh.

is there any way to solve this problem?


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I have been using pivot tables for over a year to access data from lots
of different sources (access and sql) without problems.

I had been using the sqlsrv.dll and sqlsrv32.dll files from SQL service
pack 1.  

I recently upgraded the ODBC files from SQL SP2 and now I get the
'problems obtaining microsoft query data' error each time I press the
get data button in the pivot table wizard.

I have tried without success:
- installed the latest odbc drivers from the download area dated 3/20/97
- re-installed office suite
- reinstalled older odbc drivers sp1 and 2 without luck.
- searched tech net and found: Q123836
  (I don't have another query window open)

If I run the queries for the tables (!) it works fine.  I just can't
create new ones or edit old ones.  

Any ideas?

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