Custom Rollups

Custom Rollups

Post by sshi » Wed, 09 May 2001 09:09:58

I get any data...

I tried using the Unary Operator. I created an extra column with "~" as
the default in the dimension table. I do not want to rollup any data in
the fact table. Unfortunately, I don't get any data. Any ideas?

I get an #ERR...

Also, I tried to use Custom Rollup Formulas.:

RollupChildren(Time.CurrentMember, Time.CurrentMember.Properties('~'))

But I can't get the values to come back...

This is for both Regular and Parent-Child dimensions.

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1. Custom Rollups in Virtual Cube Dimension Levels


I would greatly appreciate some help - or at least some
understanding - of the expected behaviour of custom
rollups in Virtual cubes.

I have a virtual cube derived from 2 base cubes - (A) and
(B). Cube (A) has a custom rollup formula specified for
each level of the time dimension.

The aggregation resulting from the custom rollup works
fine when browsing cube (A), but appears not to apply when
browsing the measures from cube (A) in a virtual cube -
default aggregation applies.

I need the virtual cube to apply the custom rollup for the
measures from cube (A), but not for the measures from cube
(B), which simply uses default aggregation.

I have tried applying a selective custom rollup to the
virtual cube custom rollup using the iff statement.


iif ([Measures].CurrentMember IS [Measures].[Measure from
Cube A],(OpeningPeriod([Calendar Date],

This returns the correct result for [Measure from Cube A],
but returns #ERR for all other measures.

Thanks in advance,
Simon Kirk
OLAP Analyst, BSkyB

Tel: 01506 485494

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