error 1058

error 1058

Post by Francis Sia » Fri, 22 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I am having problem while trying to reinstall SQL/SERVER 6.5.
Previously I could install with no problem. Because we lost our SA
password, we had to reinstall.  

After the stage where the message stating it is starting SQL/Server and
verying the state of SQL Server, the following message appeared:

    The SQL Server installation could not be successfully completed.

   MS SQL Server - The service could not be started. Please check the
error/event log to determine the cause - 1058

When I checked the event review, there is no error for application log
but on the system log, it stated that SQL server could not be started
because of the following reason:

    The system could not find the path specified.

Please help!  We are running on NT 3.5.1 on Dec AXP.

    I do appreciate if someone could help me out. I have tried to
reinstall many times already - even to different drives.  I even delete
the MS SQL/Server entry at the NT Registry before.

    Thanks in advance