Table Design: Hierarchy

Table Design: Hierarchy

Post by Steven Keel » Sat, 15 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I have a table that has the following:
        Employee Name
        Employee Number
        Employee Number of immediate supervisor

I need to build an organization chart using this information (All the people
that report to a manager then senior manager, then vp).  In this
organization, it is possible for employees to report to someone of the same
level.  Can anyone recommend an efficient way of building this query or
multiple queries?

Thanks, Steven


1. query design for XML from hierarchy table

I have an existing db table for which I would like to generate an XML
representation.  The table is already hierarchcal in nature ...

PK [guid]
parent [guid]

it would seem as though I'm almost there (to the "universal table") simply
by the design of the table.  However, SQL Svr books online seems to suggest
that each nested element should have a different tag number, and the way I
understand it, the tag number ties directly to an element.  Therefore, how
do I go about building the query for a proper universal table format???

I'm to the point now, to where I can return a more flat XML representation
and simply transform it via XSLT upon receipt.  I would like to take more
advantage of SQL Svrs XML functionality, however, if I can.



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