Posting of SqlServer KB article

Posting of SqlServer KB article

Post by Stephen K. Gartrel » Sun, 19 Jul 1998 04:00:00

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1. SMP & KB article Q254321


Thanks for your reply.

Your answer did cover an issue that I do need to address, i.e.
"Maximum worker threads".

We have an application called Gentran that uses SQL Server 2000 as its
database and this setting (along with most others) is currently the
default value. Now, Gentran is the only "user" that connects to or
uses this instance of SQL Server and the value of "Maximum worker
threads" seems overly high for a database that is only serving one
user, especially as it isn't a multi-threaded app.

Is it still not worthwhile reducing this setting? Reducing this
setting will, I assume, clear some more memory for SQL Server.

Also, are there any other settings that can improve system performance
for a situation such as this? (ignoring indexes, filegroups etc.)



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