Newbie: Access profile

Newbie: Access profile

Post by Alf » Sun, 27 Oct 2002 00:50:19


I'm using AccessXP with MSDE2000 on XP pro.

I am trying to assign a particular icon for my adp file through the startup
options, but whenever a (any) form loads, the db window will pop up
minimized (I cleared the "show db window" checkbox already). Is there
anything I can do to avoid this?

I once created a profile "alf"according to Access's helpfile but I kept
getting error messages like "Could not find C:\Program Files\Microsoft
Office\Office10\MSACCESS.exe /profile "alf" "d:\My Documents\Myadp.adp" when
working on the shortcut.

Any assistance or advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you.



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por ejemplo:

select * from clientes
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?Como harais esto?

(In weird English)
I 'm trying to convert a query that uses a field set in a form to use them
in a access project.
In example:

select * from customers
where user=Name_of_the_user() and date1=Form!FormSelections!date_arrival

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