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Veritas (formerly Seagate Software) has a back-up solution that is
Cluster aware.
It is called Veritas Back-up Exec. It is not cheap but , It will do the
trick. I also would not recommend the ARCServe product. I personally
have not ever used it but people I know have and they don't care for it
at all.


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For those of you who have deployed SQL 6.5 or 7.0 in a cluster, what
software and hardware are you using to back your database and servers up
with? I'm not sure what products that are on the market are cluster
and want to narrow my choices down a little bit. I'm looking at CA
ArcServeIT with the SQL Agent, but I'm not sure how this combo will work
with MSCS.

Thoughts or hints appreciated

Steve Fuller


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I have a mssql 7.0 database of 2 GB (it will probably grow to 5 GB). In
this database I have approximately 130 tables. Every night I make a
full backup. Sometimes I get called that the data updated in an table
over the last month is totally wrong. The table needs to be recovered
to the state it was in the previous month.

In mssql 6.5 I restored just that one table. In mssql 7.0 this is not
possible any more. The server is not big enough to contain 2 databases
of 5 GB.

I have the following solution. I know which tables can cause problems.
I want to put these tables on there own file group. If I have to
restore a table I restore that filegroup. However I dont have the
transaction log backups from the previous month.

Question will the database be consistent without the transaction log

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