Installing Pivottable service on Office 2000 French

Installing Pivottable service on Office 2000 French

Post by A. Chaaba » Wed, 14 Nov 2001 04:29:35

I'm presently trying to install the pivottable service on
a client machine with Office 200 french. The setup will
not run because of the language. Is there a french version
of the pivottable service available, if so , where?



1. Installing Access 2000 With MS Office 2000 (Standard Version) Already Installed

Hi folks:

I purchased MS Office 2000 (Standard Version) upgrade when it first
came out because it integrates the office programs that come with it.

Previously, I used non-MS programs that in my view were better, but
could only operate on a stand alone basis.  For example, I was unable
to obtain an address from my PIM while composing a letter with my
previous Word Processor unless I used some cumbersome copy and paste
routines.  Now, using Outlook 2000 as my E-mail client and my PIM,  I
can obtain addresses from Outlook while writing a letter in Word.

However, I now see a need for a Database to help me run my business.
Access 2000 did not come with my Standard Version of Office 2000.  So
here are my questions:

1. Will I have any problems if I buy Access 2000 and install it onto a
computer that has Office 2000 (Standard Version) already installed?  

2. Would a non-MS Database be better and could I install it on a
machine with Office 2000 (Standard Version) already installed?  Do
most non-MS databases integrate well with Word and Excel?

3. MS has LIbrary Programs with templates that tie in with Outlook and
Access.  Do they work well?

4. Would a computer literate person who is an Office 2000 power user
have problems installing and setting up Access (initially with Wizards
and templates) ---- especially if (s)he has some general knowledge
about database concepts and programs?

5. If I purchase Access 2000 now, do I get a discount because I
already have MS Office 2000?


Lloyd Lindsay

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