Merge Replication , Agent Distribution failed.

Merge Replication , Agent Distribution failed.

Post by Luis Salaza » Tue, 24 Jun 2003 22:54:33

I have this problem,  In my Merge replication we delete
500k of reg and the replication of  those datas was in
process when we restar the NEt Server, but when the NT
Start again and the SQL server services start to, the
replication can not be linked whit my subscriptor, and the
only message of error that i got is the follow.

From my Replication Agent.
  Step 3, Detect Nonloged agent shutdown> Began executing
{and a Date here}

The remote procedure call failed an did not execute.
SQLSatat 42000

Any Help, will be great.


1. Merge Replication : Merge Agent fails with Garbled sp name errors

Merge Agent keeps failing with errors such as
"could not find stored procedure 'sp_helpmargealternatepublisher'"
or "'ARITHEBORT' is not a recogognized option" etc.

On closer inspection the names of the stored procedures etc that it's trying
to call are garbled :

"NUMARIC_ROUNDABORT","sp_MSgetrersion" etc.

Anybody had anything similar ?

Publisher W2K, SQL2000
Subscribers both NT4,SQL2000 recently upgraded from SQL7.0, problem only
occurs on one of the subscribers.


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