Tiemout when connecting from analysis server to sql server

Tiemout when connecting from analysis server to sql server

Post by dba » Thu, 09 May 2002 20:41:56

I have analysis sever in my computer and I try to build a cube. The source
is sqlserver 2000.
I get timeout.
When I try to edit the data source (data link properties) I see a connect
timeout default of 15 seconds. I try to change this value but it remains

Any ideas?



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I'm attempting to connect to a remote analysis server and get the error
"Cannot connect to the repository. Error: Cound not use "; file already in

My local machine and the server I'm trying to connect to both have SQL
Server 2000 SP3 and Win2k (also with latest updates). My user is also set up
as an OLAP administrator on both machines.

Any ideas?



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