limit search result display on web page??

limit search result display on web page??

Post by Marc Esse » Tue, 04 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hi people,

we are currently building an ASP/VBScript web page that searches records in
an Access DB using ODBC.

Problem: the number of hits can be several 100 or more, so we need to use
some "25-at-a-time" mechanism.

1. Using session variables to hold the data would flood our server's memory
(just pointers to files or records could be ok.)
2. the solution should be simpler than implementing a full web crawler

So far we intend to count all hits, then have the browser display a
confirmation dialog with the total number of hits. If accepted, we would
send the data over, displaying another confirmation dialog in the client
browser every 25 records.

Better ideas, pointers, code samples, etc would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
Thanks a lot!!!

please reply by email

Marc Esser


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