Recommendation of published database theorist and long-time practioner in greater DC area

Recommendation of published database theorist and long-time practioner in greater DC area

Post by D » Fri, 16 Aug 2002 01:06:42

If you are or if you know one, please drop me a line, much appreciated.



1. Publishing web databases - recommendations?

I'm wanting to expand my skillset and learn some web database
publishing skills but am finding it difficult settling on a platform
and software to learn on which will not land me in a developer cul-de-
sac (i.e. skills using tools with little support in the market place).

I'm a proficient developer of static web-sites, have had exposure to
scripting environments like Javascript and have a good functional
knowledge of web application development. I also run a G3 Apple Mac at
home and would like to avoid (for space and cost reasons) investing in
a PC. An environment I could run under emulation, a Mac flavour of
Linux or remotely via the internet would suit best.

This is an option I've been considering which I'd appreciate feedback

Option 1/
* Create database on Mac in Filemaker (which I've had some exposure to)
* Export database to Access or SQL flavour (suggestions??)
* Learn client tools of ColdFusion on MacG3 (under VirtualPC emulation)
* Develop live site with ColdFusion ISP which supports SQL or Access

I'm keen to learn technologies which are a good compromise of all these
* the time overhead in learning
* the flexibility/take-up in the marketplace
* will not require major hardware/software investment beyond existing

Would appreciate your suggestions.



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