Timeout expired.

Timeout expired.

Post by Juan de Dios Fuente » Tue, 12 Jun 2001 16:08:06

Hi. My question is:
how much memory do i need in a sql server? When i do a query on a big
table a message appears "Time out expired" I do the same query in a sql
server computer with 512 MB RAM and the message doesn`t appear. What is
happening? What is the best memory configuration in sql server 7.0 using
enterprise manager memory properties ? How affects the size of tables in
the query performance?

Thank you very much

Francisco Rodriguez


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When running a query on a very large database, I receive this error after
30-50 seconds:
[Microsoft][OBDC SQL Server Driver][Timeout Expired]

We are using NT and 98. I receive this error message running the queries on
the client and the server. We just switched over from Access 97, which was
unable to handle the amount of data. Using Access 97 ODBC pass-through
queries, we recevied a similar error message, but it was a simple fix -
select properties and change the timeout.

This doesn't happen with queries that return only a small number of rows.
The queries I am receiving the error message on are attempting to return 7-8
million rows.

The default timeout setting is 10 minutes, and so far that is the only
setting I can find.

I appreciate any help on this matter!

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