I.E.6 taskbar glitch?

I.E.6 taskbar glitch?

Post by radiosig » Fri, 22 Nov 2002 00:51:32

Good day, everyone,
I use the Windows Me platform and recently "upgraded" from I.E. 5.5 to
I.E.6. My problem, unnoticed on IE 5.5, deals with a jumbled overloaded
taskbar. It seems that everywhere I go on the Internet and email I send from
both web based and ISP service show up as icons on the taskbar and do not
diappear upon closing out of each program. This causes overload, taxation of
memory, slowness of the computer and ultimately a crash unless I manually
close out each icon. Does anyone out there have the same problem with I.E.6?
If so, any solutions?
Thank you for your time.

1. Glitch!! You call that a glitch!!??

Sorry, but every time I have a major computer problem, I think of Robo Cop.
I'm building my first Relational DB and need some words of wisdom from the
Wise Ones. I've built a DB with three related files: Inventory, Customers, and
Orders. The demo/template on FM Pro 4.0 seemed to require alot of modification
to meet my requirements so I decided to go from scratch.

Naturally, I ran into problems. Problem one is that the summary fields in the
Orders file seems to be cumulative over all the records in the field. They are
summaries of repeating fields if that matters. How do I restrict the summary
to the current record?

Problem two is that I'm trying to figure out the best way to automatically
deduct the sell quantity in the Orders file from the quantity on hand of the
Inventory file. The demo version seems to have an intermediate file between
the orders and inventory file. I'm starting to think that there is a good
reason for this. Any suggestions? Advice?

Steve C.

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