Monitoring of remote SQL Server using Perfmon

Monitoring of remote SQL Server using Perfmon

Post by T K » Sun, 10 Mar 2002 04:31:58

I'm using Perfmon to monitor a number of things for our server application
where applications and services can be run locally or remotely.  When
everything is local, Perfmon runs great.  It even runs fine when I use
Process counters for any remote services.  However, as soon as I add a
remote monitor using a SQL Server counter, such as \\Remote Box\SQL
Server:General Statistics\User Connections, Perfmon gets extremely sluggish
in its response and redrawing.  Changing the Update Interval for the
counters to something like 30 seconds does not make any difference.
Removing the counter also does not return Perfmon back to its prior
performance.  The only way to get PerfMon to return to "normal" is to exit
and restart it.

Any ideas on what might be going on here?  I do use Memory, Process and
Processor remote counters and haven't seen the same behavior.  So far, its
just been showing up when I try to use the built-in SQL Server counters
against a remote machine.  Thanks for your help.

Tom Klempay


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