Can SQL sever run on SINGLE computer

Can SQL sever run on SINGLE computer

Post by Bob Pfeif » Sun, 22 Nov 1998 04:00:00

If you're using NT Workstation or Server then SQL Workstation, and the
standard and developer editions of SQL Server 6.5 will work.  If you don't
have a network interface card in your machine you'll need to install the
Microsoft loopback adapter (in the Network app in Control Panel) which is
software to emulate a network adapter.

SQL Server 7 will run on NT Workstation, NT Server, Win 95, or Win 98.

Bob Pfeiff


Can SQL sever run on SINGLE computer

Post by Roy Harv » Wed, 25 Nov 1998 04:00:00


Quote:>SQL Workstation does this I believe.  It is also 1/4 the price.

And it is discontinued as of release 7.0.



1. Running 2 different instances of SQL Sever.

We are migrating from SQL 7 ( SP3 ) to SQL 2000 ( SP2 ).

On the development server, we have 2 instances of SQL
Server running, one is SQL 7 ( Service Pack 3 ) and the
other is SQL 2000 ( Service Pack 2 ).

On the production server, we have only SQL 7 (Service Pack
3 ) running.

I have a SP that takes only 5 minutes on the production
server ( SQL 7 ), whereas the same SP on the development server ( SQL 7 /
SQL 2000 )
takes 30 minutes to complete on the SQL 7 & SQL 2000 databases.

I ran this SP using SQL 2000 Query Analyzer on both the
production and development servers.

My question is there any problem having 2 different
instances of SQL server running on the same server because
the SP on the development server takes lot of time to complete.

This SP is a report and is creating and populating 2 temp tables.

Any help would be appreciated.




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