error installing SQL 7.0 ON Win2k server.

error installing SQL 7.0 ON Win2k server.

Post by John Smit » Thu, 12 Sep 2002 17:57:39

I am having problems installing the SQL 7.0 on a new Win2k server.  The
error message states "Setup failed to configure the server. Refer to the
server error logs and cnfgsvr.out for more information."  I did not find the
cnfgsvr.out file but have the sqlstp file below.  Initial search on Technet
was not fruitful.

Any information would be much appreciated.


16:40:07 Begin Setup
16:43:56 Begin Action InstallPkgs:
16:43:56 Setup is installing Microsoft Management Console (MMC) ...
16:43:56 E:\x86\Other\instmmc.exe  /Q
16:44:18 Process Exit Code: (0)
16:44:18 Setup is installing HTML Help ...
16:44:20 HTML Help installer exit code: 0
16:44:20 End Action InstallPkgs
16:44:20 Begin Action BuildServer:
16:44:20 C:\WINNT\TEMP\_ISTMP3.DIR\scm.exe  -Silent 1 -Action 5 -ExePath
16:44:21 Process Exit Code: (0)
16:44:21 Path successfully updated.
16:44:21 C:\MSSQL7\binn\cnfgsvr.exe  -Silent 2 -NoSampleDB 0 -SQLPath
"C:\MSSQL7\" -SQLDataPath "d:\sql\" -SortID 52 -LCIDCompStyle
"1033-196609" -HWND 459052 -User sa -Pwd
16:44:21 Process Exit Code: (193)
16:44:36 Setup failed to configure the server.   Refer to the server error
logs and cnfgsvr.out for more information.
16:44:36 Action CleanUpInstall:
16:44:36 C:\WINNT\TEMP\_ISTMP3.DIR\scm.exe  -Silent 1 -Action 4 -Service
16:44:36 Process Exit Code: (1060) The specified service does not exist as
an installed service.

16:44:36 C:\WINNT\TEMP\_ISTMP3.DIR\scm.exe  -Silent 1 -Action 4 -Service
16:44:41 Process Exit Code: (0)
16:44:41 Installation Failed.


error installing SQL 7.0 ON Win2k server.

Post by Eric Yang [M » Sun, 15 Sep 2002 09:29:17

Dear John,

Please make sure that the SQL Server startup account which you specified in
the installation process has the sufficient rights.  
In Windows 2000 Server, go to Start->Programs->Administrative Tools->Local
Security Policy. Then select Local Policy-> User Rights Assignment.  
Make sure the SQLServer startup Account has the following rights:
 -Act as part of the OS
-Increase quotas
 -Log on as a service
-Replace a process level token.

Then please reinstall the SQL Server.

If it still doesn't work, try the following steps to solve the problem.

1. Manually remove SQL Server 7.0 files and registry keys.

2. Set ***ALL*** services (from Control Panel -> Services) to Manual
startup and stop them.  
 ClipBook Server  
Computer Browser
Directory Replicator  
Event Log Messenger  
Net Logon  
Network DDE  
Network DDE DSDM  
NT LM Security
Support Provider  
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator  
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service  

3 Reapply the MDAC.

4. Reinstall SQL.


Eric Yang [MS]
Microsoft Online Support Engineer

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