Installing SQL 2000 CE 1.1 onto SQL 2000 Enterprise Server

Installing SQL 2000 CE 1.1 onto SQL 2000 Enterprise Server

Post by Clay Seifer » Tue, 15 Jan 2002 23:57:09

I'm running 2000 Enterprise Server and want to install CE 1.1.  According to
the install process, it will only install on 2000 Developer.  Is there a
work around for this to allow it to be installed on the Enterprise?

1. Error using Replication with SQL 2000 CE 1.1


Gives the following definition to your error:

-2147217873 (0x80040e2f) A specified value violated the integrity
constraints for a column or table.

Hope that helps you focus on where to check.  Look at the constraints on
Change_History (or some other table that a trigger on Change_History might
make) and see what the violation could be.

Russell Fields

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