SQL 7.0 Random function, does not work like SQL 6.5 Random function

SQL 7.0 Random function, does not work like SQL 6.5 Random function

Post by Thomas Boyc » Thu, 11 Nov 1999 04:00:00

We use the rand() function in our application login routine against a 6.5
database, in testing our migration to 7.0, we have found out the random
function in 7.0 does not behave exactly the same as in 6.5, trying the
following query from iSql against both a 6.5 database and a 7.0 database
returns different values - this behaviour "breaks" our application. Does
anyone else have any expierence using the random function?? Could you
provide some insight??




        Tom Boyce
        Enterprise Project Manager
        National Institutes of Health, Center for Information Technology


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have to be converted using CVI and CVS functions.  To get around the
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to use low level access in FPW2.6 as this would a lot simpler and faster.
Micrsoft support was not much use (the new guys work the phones)

Any Ideas???

I also have obtain Visual Fox Pro 3.0., but have yet not had time to
convert from version 2.6

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