Stored Procedures???

Stored Procedures???

Post by Rob » Thu, 01 Nov 2001 05:58:02

Hello, I'm fairly new to SQL, Enterprise Manager and SQL
Server and have
never used Stored Procedures before.

I'm trying to create a procedure, that every Wednesday, at
midnight that
sends a dynamic email (xp_sendmail??).

The email should send to each address, all the deal names,
descriptions and
experation dates.

I have created two procedures with the select statements
to get the info I need:
CREATE PROCEDURE [owner].[sp_getemails] AS
SELECT mem_email_un, mem_first
FROM members
WHERE mem_newsletter = 1 AND mem_fakeemail = 0

CREATE PROCEDURE [owner].[sp_getexpired] AS
SELECT deal_name, deal_descript,deal_status_exp, deal_id,
FROM deals
WHERE DateDiff(day, GETDATE(), deal_status_exp) BETWEEN 0
and 7

I'm not sure where to go from here. Or even if that was
the right place to start. I think I need to use
xp_sendmail, but
haven't found the right documentation on how to use it and
put everything together.

Could someone offer some suggestions and/or point me in
the right direction.

Thanks for your time!


Stored Procedures???

Post by James Hunter Ros » Thu, 01 Nov 2001 07:31:19

With greatest respect, I think you might need to get some help on this task.
COnfiguring SQL Mail, although not horribly difficult, can be tricky, and
certainly requires a good understanding of SQL Server, the SQL Agent, NT
Accounts, etc.  Writing a stored procedure to send email content (possibly
derived from table content) to a list of email addresses (possibly derived
from table content) is not really tough for an experienced TSQL developer.
But, for it to be robust and reliable will liekly require even more

Your sample "stored procedures" are basically just queries, and it's quite a
long way from a query to a procedure.

The SQL Agent can be used to schedule things to run at specified times, so
it would be used to execute your stored procedures once they were written.

In the spirit of helping, I could suggest getting a good book, something
like a "TSQL in 21 Days" type of book.  To learn more about SQL Mail, the
BOL is not a bad place to start.



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