SQL Server 7.0 - Security - NT Auth.

SQL Server 7.0 - Security - NT Auth.

Post by Brenda Luc » Thu, 24 May 2001 03:29:16

Currently I have NT logins set-up on SQL Server 7.0.  When looking within
EM under the server access column, I see 'via group membership'.  Can
anyone help me understand what this means?  Is this controlled on the NT

Brenda Luce


1. NT auth works, SQL Server auth doesn't

I can connect to my SQL Server if I use NT authentication, but when I switch
to SQL Server authentication in the System DSN I get an error that the user
isn't associated with a trusted connection.  When I go to the server,
though, the user ID has been added as a Login, with System Administrator
privileges and owner rights to the databases.  Is there something else that
must be done to make a user "trusted"?

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