DB roles, NT groups and PERMISSIONS

DB roles, NT groups and PERMISSIONS

Post by Dave West » Sat, 15 Dec 2001 00:00:34

I've been using the PERMISSIONS function in SQL Server 7 to check to
see if the current user is allowed to perform a certain function in
the database.

This works correctly for permissions assigned to the public role, and
it works if the NT user is assigned to any other role (which has
permission to perform the required function) directly.  However, it
doesn't work if the NT user is a member of a group which is assigned
to a role other than public.

   DB role 'viewers' has access to SP 'get_stuff'
     DOMAIN\Joe member of 'viewers'
         -> PERMISSIONS() = 32
     DOMAIN\Betty member of 'DOMAIN\All Users' member of 'viewers'
         -> PERMISSIONS() = 0      However, she CAN access it...  

So, this has been pretty frustrating lately...  If anyone has any
ideas of what I'm doing wrong, or a different way of doing it, I would
be interested. :)

Thanks in advance,


DB roles, NT groups and PERMISSIONS

Post by Jun Chen[M » Sun, 23 Dec 2001 17:04:56


You can deny the access for the user, so that even the role have the
permission, the user still cannot access to it.

Jun Chen

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Thanks for any help


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