PRODUCT: Cold Fusion 1.5 ships; Web Application Development Platform

PRODUCT: Cold Fusion 1.5 ships; Web Application Development Platform

Post by Jeremy Allair » Tue, 27 Feb 1996 04:00:00


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Allaire Releases Cold Fusion 1.5
A Platform for Web Application Development

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (February 6, 1996) =97 World Wide Web software firm
Allaire today released Cold Fusion Professional 1.5, a robust platform
for Web application development on Windows NT and Windows 95 systems.
Cold Fusion integrates the Web with relational databases and provides a
framework for delivering applications based on emerging Web standards
including Java, JavaScript and VRML.

Cold Fusion gives Web developers a straightforward way to build
sophisticated database-driven applications. With Cold Fusion, developers
can quickly and easily create powerful Web applications without learning
other complicated programming languages such as C++, PERL, Java or
WebObjects. Cold Fusion lets Web developers produce applications that
work seamlessly with databases: create Web pages dynamically; use HTML
forms to search, insert and update information; generate e-mail messages
based on queries; or deliver large scale online services.

"The product, support and documentation make Cold Fusion the fastest
deployable Web tool I=92ve ever seen," said Madjid Zehani, City of Austin
Electric Utility Intranet Manager. "Virtually every company database is
now publishable on the Internet/Intranet in a matter of minutes."

Hundreds of major companies are using Cold Fusion to build Web
applications on the Internet and on internal enterprise networks
(Intranets). Applications include internal groupware, human resource
management tools, Web-based conferencing, online order entry, event
registration, technical support and many others. Developers of the Super
Bowl Web site relied on Cold Fusion to build a Web conferencing system
used by thousands of sports fans during the game weekend.

"Cold Fusion is transforming the way developers use the World Wide Web,"
said Kevin *, managing director at Allaire. "By continually
introducing new features like e-mail integration and dynamic database
queries, Allaire is setting the standard for database-driven Web
application development."

Version 1.5 has added a scaleable architecture, integrated messaging,
scripting enhancements and support for the dynamic delivery of Java
applets, JavaScript and VRML. The new version runs as a Windows NT
system service with high-speed database caching to ensure unequaled
reliability and performance.

Cold Fusion is based on industry standards and protocols. It works with
every major Web server and all ODBC-compliant (Open Database
Connectivity)  databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Access and
Paradox among others.

Cold Fusion Professional 1.5 begins shipping immediately and is priced
at $495. The product may be ordered by calling (612) 831-1808. Product
information, a free 30-day evaluation, a list of sites using Cold Fusion
and Developer Forums can be found at

Allaire designs and markets innovative Web software for international
corporate, government and education markets. Allaire=92s customers include
dozens of Fortune 500 firms and hundreds of other companies worldwide.