SQL server for telephone registration system

SQL server for telephone registration system

Post by John » Tue, 02 Oct 2001 08:27:07

Does anyone have any knowledge about a system that can be
used for online event registration , with the option of
calling in your registration: all of the information is
sent to the Db jsut as it were online?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

John Curtis
CEO BTQnet Inc.


1. SQL Server Constraint for Telephone Number


I'm a bit of a newbie at designing databases with SQL server 2000 and
I am struggling at the moment with constraints for fields.

I have an old database with a string telephone number field that i
want to import into a new database i'm designing. However, in the new
database i want the telephone number field to store only numbers.

At first i thought i could set it to a numeric format but that loses
the leading zeros of the phone number so i came up with the idea of
using a constraint. However, so far the best i've been able to manage
is to permit a limited number of digits in the field using the
following constraint expression entered via Enterprise Manager:

([Telephone] like '0-9')

This statement only allows me to enter one digit into the field. I'm
not sure how to set up the expression to allow as many numbers as the
field allows, but only digits between 0-9.

Any ideas on this or any other way to accomplish a non-string
telephone number?

Many thanks in advance,

James Currer

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