Merge Replication Snapshot Agent

Merge Replication Snapshot Agent

Post by Conni » Thu, 28 Feb 2002 01:44:23

Does the Snapshot agent for a Merge Replication need to run every week once
the initial schema is set up?  By default the agent is set to run every
saturday, is this necessary?

Merge Replication Snapshot Agent

Post by raju girdh » Thu, 28 Feb 2002 08:55:02

Hello Connie,
To answer your question, the Snapshot agent technically does not need to
run after the initial synchronization. There is no harm however, in running
the Snapshot agent as per its default schedule as the Snapshot agent would
do no processing unless a new subscription was added or schema change was

Hope this helps.

Raju Girdher MCSE
SQL Support Engineer, Microsoft

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Would greatly appreciate a tip on how to troubleshoot this bug
with the signin.

I looked at the properties for the SQL SERVER AGENT and the
user was  domain\sqladmin

In Replication Monitor on the Publishing Server NTSERVER6

Each of these levels has a RED X Icon to indicate failure.

Snapshot Agent Error Details

        Publisher: NTSERVER6

        Last Action: The process could not connect to Publisher NTSERVER6

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Appreciate some tip on WHERE the sa login is used during this process
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Thanks, Paul

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