Replication Merge...subscribing

Replication Merge...subscribing

Post by Joe Tena » Wed, 21 Aug 2002 01:19:18


I have a remote SQL2000 server and I have a publication published on it. I
need it to Merge replicate with a local SQL2000 server.

I have created the publication and enabled the subcribers fro it but when I
try subscribe from the local Server I can't find any publication to
subscribe too.

I've tried to push the subscribtion but that seems to have problems
connecting to the local Server.

I can use entrprise manager to view and manage the remote server but ...

How can I pull subsciption from a remote server? Is there something I'm
missing out?




1. Error when subscribing to Merge replication


We have setup a publisher and a distributor in SQL 2000 running SP3.
Alongwith this we have setup a merge replication agent and its running
successfully inside the same network. I allow anonymous subscriptions and
the merge publication works successfully for anonymous pull subscriptions

Now i am trying to setup the same scenario to setup replication over the
Internet using FTP. I have created a FTP site and given certain accounts
credentials to login to the same. I have checked the same over a browser and
the ftp protocol is working perfectly.

In my publisher i have changed the path of the snapshot folder to the ftp
folder (which is in the same network). I refer to the same in snapshot
location screen as \\Systems\SQL FTP\. It is a shared for which sufficient
rights are there.

The snapshot agent generates the snapshot in this folder without any

Now when i create a pull subscription, and say scynchronize using FTP, it
fails and after checking the job history, these are the messages that were
there -

Source:  Merge Replication Provider
Number:  -2147201001
Message: The schema script '' could not be propagated to the subscriber.

Source:  PARAM
Number:  0
Message: The process could not connect to FTP site '' using
port 21.

Number:  12003
Message: 550 The filename, directory name, or volume
label syntax is incorrect.

The schema script '' could not be propagated to the subscriber.  The step

And by the way, if i try to push the subscription via FTP it works without
any problem.

Can someone please advice what is to be done ? Thanks in advance!


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