Rollup of a Cube with lower level calcs

Rollup of a Cube with lower level calcs

Post by Christopher J. Lock » Wed, 12 Mar 2003 04:28:11

I have a cube in which I am combining two pieces of data (LBS and cost).
LBS is an actual piece of data from a fact table.  Cost is a data point
entered into a write enabled cube.  When I create the virtual cube that has
four dimensions (3 categories, 1 time), the two measures and the calculated
measure (Lbs * Cost), the calculation works at the atomic level, but at the
rollup levels, it doesn't rollup, it calculates out the rollup amounts,
which I don't want.  How can I avoid this???



1. Failed to update custom rollup for cube levels


We get the following error message when processing some of the cubes
(not all of the cubes):
Error(-2147221421): Internal error (Failed to update custom rollup for
cube levels);
Error(-2147221421): Internal error (Unexpected internal error (Cube

The cube can not be opened by the Analysis Services Enterprise. The
error message is : Internal Error. Unable to open the cube. Try to
restart the application.

I restarted the Olap Service on the server but it did not help.

Thanks for your help,

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